UPSI decided to create a whole separate Service page dedicated to Uninterruptible Power Supplies (or UPS’s) because I believe they are so important.

A Computer and associated equipment such as ADSL Modems and Telephone Systems are very susceptible to Power Surges and Power Sags.

All it takes is for a nearby lightning strike, or strong winds causing power lines to come together, and you will get a power surge through the power lines that will take out electronic equipment.

So how does a UPS prevent this and what are they?

Put simply, a UPS is a box with a battery/s inside, and if the power goes off, the UPS will continue to supply power to your equipment for a short period of time. But more importantly, it protects your equipment by limiting the voltage to it by around +/- 10%. So in other words, if the mains voltage is 240V then it will be limited to a range of approximately 216V – 264V.

Apart from the obvious benefits of restricting voltage fluctuations to your equipment, the other benefit of using a UPS is that it provides power even when the mains is offline completely. This gives you time to save whatever you are working on and then shut down the computer correctly, not just have it instantly shut down when there is a power failure.

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