Microsoft Office Comparison Table

Microsoft Office Comparisons

Usually when we build a new computer, or supply a new Laptop, the question is asked, would you like Microsoft Office with that?

Invariably the customer will say yes, to which we would reply, which version would you like?

To which the customer will reply, I didn’t know there were different versions.

And we would then respond with, yes there are several versions. You have Office 365 Personal & Home Premium, and Office Home & Student and Office Home & Business and Office Pro.

The conversation would then turn to all the differences of one version over the other.

As you can imagine, that is time consuming, and potentially confusing for the customer.

So in an effort to decrease both the time and confusion, here is a brief description of the differences, supported with an image that graphically displays those differences.

Office 365

Office 365 is a subscription based offering from Microsoft.

That is to say, you pay a yearly subscription fee.

The advantage of this is that you will always have the most up to date version of the Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc).

There are two versions of Office 365. They are 365 Personal and 365 Home Premium.

The only difference between Office 365 Personal and Home Premium is that the Personal version can only be installed on 1 PC/Mac and the Home Premium version can be installed on 5.

Both versions include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher and Access, and both have a 1 Yr subscription term.

Office Home & Student vs Office Home & Business vs Pro

All of these versions of Microsoft Office are Disk Based, with no subscription.

All can only be installed on 1 PC/Mac.

All include Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote.

In addition to these Applications, Office Home & Business includes Outlook.

And Office Pro includes Outlook, Publisher & Access.

Microsoft Office Comparison Table

Microsoft Office Comparison TableIf you would like to purchase Microsoft Office, it is available in our Online Shop.


4CH IR Gyro Helicopter

Christmas Present Ideas #2

4CH IR Gyro Helicopter


Have loads of fun with this 4 channel remote control helicopter. Outstanding performance with stable flight and magnificent hovering capabilities; all courtesy of the on-board gyroscope and a total of 4 motors! Dip, turn, spin or hover just like you see in the movies and if the batteries run out simply recharge through the quick connect lead from the remote controller. Equipped with a full metal frame chassis, it is very durable and shockproof. Excellent for beginners and first time flyers.


  • Built in Gyro
  • Infrared remote control
  • Weight: 310g
  • Requires 6 x AA batteries not included
  • Flight time: 5-7 minutes
  • Charge time: 40-50 minutes
  • Suitable for ages 14+
  • Dimensions: 230(L) x 130(W) x 105(H)mm
HD Car Event Recorder

Christmas Present Ideas #1

HD Car Event Recorder with LCD & GPS


Mounts to the car windscreen to record vision, audio, GPS coordinates and speed to a MicroSD memory card (available separately), which can be played back later to prove what happened in a car accident. The camera cycle records until the G-sensor is triggered during excessive braking, acceleration or collision. You can also manually trigger the recording if you see an incident ahead. Use the 2.4″ colour screen to help align the camera or to playback any recordings. Connect to a PC with Internet connection to see the car location on GoogleMaps during the playback. Other features include HDMI output to playback on a large TV, two bright LEDs to improve night time recording, and Li-ion battery to extend the recording should the power be disconnected.


  • GPS
  • G-sensor
  • 5MP HD Sensor – HD 720P (1280 x 720) @ 30fps
  • Cycled Recording
  • Approx. 25mins per 1 GB
  • 2 brights LEDS for low light recording
  • Video format: H.264/AVI or MP4
  • 95 degree wide angle lens
  • Microphone
  • Supports Micro SDHC cards up to 32GB (MicroSD only)
  • Playback software is compatible with 32-bit Win XP/Vista/7 only
  • Battery Run Time: 30 minutes


AVG and Acer Computers

AVG[1]In the past week I have seen three Acer computers with the same, or at least very similar, fault symptoms. That fault symptom being that as the system starts up and enters Windows, it will either reboot itself or not completely load up the desktop icons, however they would all start up fine in “Safe Mode“.

The first one had me stumped for a while because I was thinking it was a driver or a recent windows update that was causing the problem. So to get it going again, I got the customer to boot up in Safe Mode and use the windows “System Restore” feature to return the Registry to an earlier time when all was good. This did the trick, but within a couple of weeks, the same thing happened again. This time I got the customer to bring the computer into the office for me to take a closer look.

I began by disabling things that were starting at boot up, and it just so happened that the first thing I chose was AVG antivirus. Low and behold, once it was disabled the system booted up without any trouble. Now I was confused. Why had it taken a couple of weeks for the problem to return? AVG regularly updates itself so the problem should have returned within a day or two. The reason was that the customer rarely used the PC and AVG hadn’t had time to update itself again.

On the very same day I had a call from another customer with an Acer computer with exactly the same problem. So I got them to boot up in Safe Mode and uninstall AVG and download and install PC Tools Antivirus.

Then just this morning I had a third Acer PC land in the office, but this time the symptom was that it would boot to the desktop, but no icons would appear. Once again AVG was the culprit.

I have since contacted AVG, and it turns out the problem is a piece of Acer software called eLock. Apparently an updated version is available from Acer. Wouldn’t it be nice if they shipped their computers with the updated software? Nahhhhhhhhh that would be too easy.

Now I ask you, who would want to work fixing computers? !!!!!!!!!!!